ACCU 0 E2Prom Error

Will that be possible to explain this error?

Hello @Feelit,

this error means that the EEPROM that is in the PSU cannot be read out. It stores how the battery installed in the PSU is to be charged (e.g. maximum voltage and ambient temperature at which the
recharging is permitted). This information is read out both when the device is started and cyclically during operation.


  • Has the error always been there?
  • Can the error be associated with a certain action (e.g. incorrectly supplied, too high voltage, etc.) ?
  • Is the error now always there, i.e. with every power-on?
  • What type of PSU do you use (PSU413D+, PSU713 BP, PSU DC) ?

If it is a PSU DC, the functionality is not affected by the error.
If it is a PSU with a rechargeable battery, the rechargeable battery may not charge at all or charge more slowly.

Kind regards
Microtronics Engineering