Alarm configuration on portal

Hello rapidM2M Community,

I try to confugure an alert via the alarm schedules on the portal.
Every time a temperature exceed a specific value, I need to receive an alarm via SMS, call or email.
How I have to interpret and set the prefix Parameters?
And how I have to deal with the many sources (source1-8 … source57-64)?
Is it possible to define and configure alarms via the backend API?
Also I think there is a bug by clicking on PREVIEV Button. If I click n it, the site is competely hanging.
Kind regards,

Hello Marcel,

with an Alarm Schedule you just configure which Alarm/Warning leads to send you a message and how the message looks like.
If you move your curser over the Prefix textfield you will see what’s what, e.g. $w will tell you, if it’s an Alarm or a Warning.
If you activate one of the options e.g. “Alam Value high” you can add an additional message.
For instance if you activate “Alarm Value low” and add “Voltage too low.\n$v < $l\n Please check the batterie.” will lead to a message that looks like this:

You don’t need to deal with all sources, if you select a source and configure it, than it will be part of the alarm schedule. If you don’t select it, it will be ignored.
If you want the device to send an Alarm you’d have to do that on the device itself. You’d need to add some paramteres in your descriptor to set a threshold e.g. 28 Degree Celsius and send this to your device and if it meassures a value above this threshold it sends an Alarm.
If I’m not mistaken there is a tutorial on how to do that in the rapidM2M studio that’s called Alerts.

Kind regards,