Alarm Example and Data Descriptor


I am currently working on the alarm examples that can be found on Github. I want to activate an alarm in the portal for a specific value of a water sensor.

For my understanding, I have to upload the Alarm.txt (Data Descriptor) somewhere, so that the example script (Alarm.p) works at all. Is that right? As with the BaseStarterDemo.p, there is also a Data_Descriptor.txt to load the sensor datas to the portal.

I have now read through the Data Descriptor on the Microtronics homepage and now I know that it is responsible for getting the data right to the portal. But where do I upload the Data_Descriptor? Do I have to include it in the M2M script somewhere or do I have to upload it in the portal?

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Hello @simi1505,

yes you are right. The data descriptor (e.g., 61_alarm_3.txt) must be copied into the “Data Descriptor” field in the “Control” configuration section of the input screen for configuring the site.

The Input Screen for configuring the site is opened by clicking on the Name of your Site in the List of Sites

If you want to use Alarms you have to implement the following code block in the data descriptor. This block is always the same regardless of for how many different measurement channels you want to use the alarms. Of course, the data descriptor must also always contain the description of the structure of the measurement data and configurations.

//=== Alarm Channels
  //Raw data channel (always "rm2mraw" for the rapidM2M) from which the data records should be copied
  //Alarm data channel to which the data record should be copied
  //If the first byte of the data record corresponds to this value, it is copied to the specified measurement data channel.
  //Note: has to be 0x20

Additional information can be found here:How to use the alarms

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Hi Josef!

Thank you for the fast answer!

Unfortunately, I do not have the tab “Control” in my menus:

Is this “Control” tab somewhere else for the BaseStarter?

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Hello @simi1505,

It looks like you have chosen the application template “Base Starter Demo” when creating your Site. For sites created by using an application template, device logic and data descriptor are managed by the Author of the application template. You can’t change the functionality of these sites. If you want to create your own application (i.e. define your own data descriptor and program your own device logic) you have to select “standard” as the “Application template” after entering the serial number while creating a new site.

For more Information see Topic Data Descriptor Insertion

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