Alarm Examples (Base Starter)

Hi rapidM2M Community!

Are there any examples on how to implement an alarm?


Hi @MaFi_mte19

To use the alarm system of the rapidM2M portal you have to implement a code sequence in your device logic which generates alarm data records. Examples for that sequence can be found in the “Basic_Examples_Collection” on Github (see Example “61_alarm_1.p” and “61_alarm_2.p”) Note: The corresponding data descriptor for the examples are always contained in the * .txt file, which has the same name as the example.

An explanation of the alarm system of the rapidM2M portal can be found in chapter “4.4 “Alarms” area at main level” (Page 40) and “5.4 “Alarms” area at customer level” (Page 184) of the server user manual (see rapidM2M Portal user manual) Note: The specified Pages apply for rev.03 of the manual.

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