API restrictions in size or limitations

Hi, by using the REST API.

What type of restrictions or limitations are per request?
data set, size, response time, analytics request, request limitation

technical and or commercial

Hello @m.buber

Here the API restriction answer:

  1. Restrictions technical – No Limitation:
    a. Technical no restrictions regarding packet size or dataset amount
    b. Technical no restrictions regarding amount of requests per second
    c. Device to Cloud transfer is not included in the API requests (no requests counted, no limitation)
  2. Restrictions commercial – Fair use:
    a. Fair use policy for max. 100 requests per API and second
    b. Fair use policy for Included API requests in the Abo or in the Life Time Licence per site*: 10,000
    c. Fair use policy for BLO (agents, analytics, ML) CPU time with max. 10% average within five minutes
  3. Recommendation – QoS:
    a. Request split at higher datasets request using his data analytics via API (effects request speed)
    b. Request optimisation in BLO Logic
    c. Request support with Microtronics R&D for specific application demand (or use forum with direct access to R&D)
  4. Statistics:
    a. API Request Statistics:
    i. go to “Statistic” TAB and “API” TAB
    ii. go to “Info” on the right to see the detailed requests
    b. CPU Statistics:
    i. Go to “AppCenter”, go to your dedicated BLO and click on the “BLO Monitor” TAB to see the CPU indication

Fair Use:
If temporary overruns occur, the surplus requests are not invoiced. If repeated overruns occur after notification and request, the table is used for billing.

*SITE definition:
The virtual image (measuring point, site, digital twin) of the device at the back end. In this image (site) all transferred historical data, configurations, application scripts, etc. are stored. If the image (site) is deleted, the basic fee for these sites is waived. Groups are counted as sites. Every site that appears on the system within one month is counted.

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