BLE documentation

Hi , I’m looking for any documentation about Microtronics SDK, I mean in the website , I couldn’t don’t find any description about BLE function but in the development site (automatic naming completion ) I can see the function names but I can’t find any documentation regarding the function beside the names…. Can you please guide me where I can find any documentation about function\BLE?


Hello @Feelit,

at the moment you can find the documentation of the BLE functions in the “ble-scanner-app-mt” library.

  1. Open the “ble-scanner-app-mt” project in the rapidm2m Studio:


  1. Navigate to the help section, search for “scan” and make sure that you open the “m2easyiot” section of the “BLE Scanner Library” documentation.

Screenshot 2021-08-30 084601

  1. Now you can see and open the help for all BLE functions that are available for the “myDatalogEasy IoT” device profile.

Kind regards