Ble-scanner-app-mt library update

Regarding the ble-scanner-app-mt library. It seems like there is an update. Is an update necessary? How will the update help us specific to our EasyIot device.?

I tried to update the library in a cloned project and notice the following error.

Hello @Feelit,
an update to version 2 is optional, but I think an update is generally recommended, since further updates from now on will only be applied to version 2 of the library.

For the myDatalogEasy IoT device specifically the update to version 2 contained a small change in the BleApp_EvtScanDone() callback. With this change a result parameter is now returned in the callback.
Please see the Studio help for more information:

In order to see what changes were made in version 2, you can open up the change log of the ble-scanner-app-mt library.

  1. Open up the library tab.
  2. Click on the “ble-scanner-app-mt” library
  3. Now more information about the “ble-scanner-app-mt” library should be available, including the changes that were made in version 2

If you want to upgrade the library form version 1 to version 2 you can follow the migration guide in the studio help section of the “ble-scanner-app-mt” library.
If you follow these instructions and define the necessary callbacks for your application, you should be able the resolve these warnings/errors.

Kind regards,