Board does not connect anymore after "Out of balance"

Hi, I’, not able to get the board up and running again after adding some balance to my account. I already deleted the site from the dashboard, deleted the script and all configs from the board with the desktop software and tried to re-add the starter demo, without success:

In toolset, the green indicator is flashing with hint “automatic connection retry in process”.

How can I get it up and running again? (powering off and on did not work :wink: )

Hi Alex,

I guess you are working with a rapidM2M Base Starter.

What happens technically In case of a “out of balance” the device’s SIM is deactived automatically. Thus no connection to the cloud is possible anymore. After recharging, the cloud sends “Activation-SMS’s” to the device in specific intervals. The SMS are stored in a queue for ~3 days. During this time a connection has to be triggered.

This can be done by the script logic or in case the mode is unknown manually by pushing the connection button in the upper right corner (see attachement).

Hope this helps,
BR Peter

After one day of idling it is connecting again, thanks!