C3xx 1UI/1Rel Demo

Hello rapid M2M community,
I have a C3xx here and would like to expand the C3xx 1UI / 1Rel Demo project with additional IOs.
Unfortunately, I already fail to add a second input. See screenshot …
Can someone give me a tip how to proceed here?
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In the first step I want to set the mode of the additional input as in the demo. To do this, I call the following command in onUplinkApply_interfaces (): catch (IOCtrl_UI_Init (UI_CHANNEL2, aReadInterfacesCfg.ui_1_mode)).
That seems to be working. But if I want to change the mode for the new input via the platform, the onUplinkApply_interfaces () does not react to the change. If I change the mode for the demo input, its working and comes down to the device. But at the same time I get ERR-nofield for my aditional input on the backend. What does that mean?
I shared the project with support@microtronics.com

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Hello @mklueh,

could it be that you are working on a Custom rapidM2M Portal with a version < 49v040? With version 49v039, it may happen that the DDE of a devolopment site is not updated correctly to the rapidM2M portal when changes are made.

The version of your Custom rapidM2M portal can be found in the lower right corner of the interface.

The Microtronics rapidM2M Portal which is part of the Microtronics Partner Portal has already been updated to version 49v041. There the problem should no longer occur. To update your Custom rapidM2M Portal contact the administrator of your Custom rapidM2M Portal.

Kind regards
Microtronics Engineering