C3xx Delayed Switch-Off Output Demo, Trigger Command for Output in Testbed

I’m trying to Test Relay Outputs 1 & 2 with the Testbed, but dont know the Command…

does anybody know?

Thanks Peter

Hello @Pedro,

would it be possible for you to post some screenshots about the problem that you are facing ?

Is your goal to trigger the output command directly via the Testbed, also without the “Embedded POV Preview” ?

The “Embedded POV Preview” can be started in the Testbed via the following button:

If you have not already checked out the blog post about the " C3xx Delayed Switch-Off Output Demo", you can find it via the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Project Info’ in the rapidM2M Studio of the Project

  2. Navigate to the linked website

There you should find a description of the application and some info on how to send commands for the application via the POV or via the extended API.

Kind regards,

Hi Stefan,

it run’s already, it was definitely a problem between chair and keyboard!

thanks Peter