Clib export BLO index.mjs

Hello rapid m2m community,

I have 2 questions about blo and clib:

1: Is it possible to export a blo via clib?
2: I tried the following:


Since I tried that, I can no longer use the BLO in the application itself (that imports the clib). DLO is set to compiling permanently and doesn`t come back to OK.
Also if I exclude the export of DLO in clib, the compile problem is just present.
At the moment the only way to complete is to deactivate DLO in the application.


Can someone please help me further?

Best regards,

Dear Marcel,

Yes, it is possible to export BLO via CLIB.

Please try as follows:
In your library, place the file to “/blo/lib/_.mjs” and put it like this in your export declarations.


Hi Franz,

thank you very much for your help.

There is something else:

I´ve exported the BLO via the CLIB as you described.
Now, how can I use the BLO in several Applications that has imported the CLIB?

I Think I have to enable BLO inside the Applications, but what are the next steps, how can I refer to the BLO of the CLIB?

Best regards,


Yes, BLO has to be enabled in your project and the CLIB added like with DLO.
Finally, you have to import the lib in your Project BLO-file with

import <myLib> from '<myLib>';

Unfortunately we do not have some BLO-Demo project for sharing yet. If you need more help, please let’s get in direct contact.