"Custom" Embedded Portal View


Is there documentation about foldable menu options and content possibilities? I know compactedit, autoedit and one tab mode, but I am sure there is a lot more.

Furthermore, when I enable the portal view (embedded mode), the calculated channels menu disappears. Is it possible to retrieve it?

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Hello @a.baudoux

regarding documentation we have the rapidM2M Studio help and a few public POV examples in the rapidM2M Studio, such as the “POV - Microtronics”.
Some of the foldable functions can also be seen in the default POV example, which can be found in the rapidM2M Studio by searching for povDetailsDefaultSample, when the ~papi library is included.

The calculated channels configuration fields can be shown via the following code snippet:

mdn-foldable(v-if='loaded_' :key="'calcchs'" :title="'%TXT%calculated_channels'" :tabs='calcChannelsTabNames')
	mdn-calc-channels(v-model='basic.calcchs' :blueprint='blueprint')

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Microtronics Engineering