Customer costo verview in myDataweb

Hello community,

I looked through the manual of myDataweb and didn’t find any clue for a cost overview over my customers. I would like to know, which device in which customer created which amount of datatraffic and what it costs. Can anybody help me out?


Hello Frederik,

Thank you for your request.

There is the menu for “statistics/SIM” showing the data traffic on different customers and sites. Details can be found on page 55ff: Page 55ff.

I hope that helped.

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Hello Peter,

thanks for your response, is the statistics/SIM tab user rights dependent?
I can’t see it with Usergroup 7 (Administrator).

Greetings & Happy Holidays

Hello Frederik,

I checked that issue with our technicans. The function is now avaliable.

Thanks, we wish you nice holidays too.