Data Descriptor Insertion

Hi rapidM2M Community!

I am using Base Starter and just created a site selecting Base Starter Demo as application template. I have problems inserting my customized Data Descriptor. When I click on Site / Application, I would expect a configuration section where the descriptor has to be inserted. But there is no such section. Where do I have to insert the data descriptor?


Hello @MaFi_mte19,

For sites created by using an application template, device logic and data descriptor are managed by the Author of the application template. You can’t change the functionality of these sites. Application templates are designed for offering ready to use applications that are only have to be configured by the customer. In this case the customer don’t need programming skills. If you want to create your own application (i.e. define your own data descriptor and program your own device logic) you have to select “standard” as the “Application template” after entering the serial number while creating a new site.

A guide on how to create your own application can be found in the tutorial “Magic Light” (see Tutorial Magic Light)

The data descriptor and compiled device logic can be found here: Tutorial Magic Light (Additional files)

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