~dde: Applicative logging (AppLog)

Hello rapidM2M Community,

The #applog container provides a standardized mechanism to log major applicative events as a time series and represent them at the rapidM2M portal without any further coding.

It’s part of the ~dde core library, which must be imported into your project to use this feature.

To use the App Log, proceed as follows:

  1. Add these lines to the main.dde file in your rapidM2M Studio project to enable the #applog container:
#applog                         // enable the applog container

// Optional
#define APPLOG_TO_CONSOLE 1     // activate automatic console output
  1. Trigger an App log entry from any file of the Device Logic like that:
applog        ( "my.msg",   "a=%d;b=%d", a, b);    // regular log level
applog_debug  ( "my.dbg",   "a=%d;b=%d", a, b);    // debug
applog_ok     ( "my.okmsg", "a=%d;b=%d", a, b);    // ok
applog_warning( "my.warn",  "a=%d;b=%d", a, b);    // warning
applog_alarm  ( "my.alarm", "a=%d;b=%d", a, b);    // alarm
  1. Log in to the rapidM2M Portal and open the “Site/Applications” area.

  2. Access the App Log browser via the “Additional Site Options” of your site:

Kind regards
Microtronics Engineering