Debug DLO (device logic)


what is the recommended way to debug the DLO in rM2M Studio? Is there a way to set breakpoints, watch variables, etc.?

I know that it’s possible to print messages to the debug console, but I’m interested if there are more advanved debugging options.

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Hello @stefan.winkler,

setting breakpoints is not possible. To watch the contents of a variable you can use the “#watch()” or “#log()” function.

Using the “#log()” function the current value of the variable is issued via the console.
Using the “#watch()” function the current value of the variable is issued via the watch panel.

Here is an example:



The advantage of using the “#log()” function over the “printf()” function is that the debug outputs of the “#log()” function also contain a link to jump directly to the position in the code where the function was called.

If you are using the “#watch()” function it is also possible to get an entry in the console each time the “#watch()” function updates the output.

The watch panel can also be used to watch the contents of the “histdata0-9” container (see Tutorial “My first IoT project” Stage 4 step 28) and the “config0-9” (seeTutorial “My first IoT project” Stage 5 step 22) container.
The content of the “histdata0-9” and “config0-9” displayed in the watch panel is updated automatically approximately every 5 seconds.

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Hello @stefan.winkler,
it is currently not possible to set breakpoints, but we are currently evaluating how we can implement this function. At the moment we cannot indicate when breakpoints will be available.

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