External SIM card configuration


I am trying to test an external SIM card as my country provides a cost effective approach and this will provide me with a control of signal strength and more information. First of all what are the cons of using external SIM card regarding availability?

Second i am using a MAC operating system and can’t use devicelogic to configure ATN. Is there a sample code to configure external SIM card?


Hello @Feelit,

first of all, the external SIM slot must be unlocked. If you have not already ordered the activation of the “VPN SIM” (300729) when ordering your device (recognizable on the nameplate), you can subsequently order an activation code “Activation code VPN SIM” (300539).


To unlock the SIM slot using “Activation code VPN SIM” you need the DeviceConfig. In the chapter “10.10 “Features” tab” of the myDatalogEASY IoT GW ATEX User manual Rev.01 you will find information on how to unlock the SIM slot.

The consequences of using an external (custom) SIM are:

  • you have to choose a suitable cellular contract yourself and take care of it
  • you have to request the APN configuration (APN, user and password) required for operation from your SIM card provider.
  • Microtronics cannot help you with connection problems that can be traced back to the external SIM card.

For the configuration of the external SIM card you can either use the DeviceConfig or set it using DeviceLogic (rM2M_SetExtSimCfg () function). You can find more information in the chapter “5.12 Using the external SIM slot” of the manual.

The rapidM2M Studio used to create the DeviceLogic can also be used with MacOS 10.12 or higher (the current version for M1 processors has not yet been tested). However, you have to use the Google Chrome browser. The DeviceConfig cannot be installed directly on MacOS, but you can use it in conjunction with virtualization solutions such as .B “vmware”.

Information on configuring the external SIM card using DeviceConfig can be found in the manual in chapter 10.7 “GSM” tab.

An explanation of the function “rM2M_SetExtSimCfg” can be found in the user manual, the context-sensitive help and the developer documentation under “External SIM

Kind regards
Microtronics Engineering