Failed to connect Server using rM2M_TxStart()

Hi rapidM2M community,
I got a problem with geting a connection to the server.
I try to run the code 30_System_Values_1 from the sample Project of rapidM2M Studio.
I get the following message in by running catch( rM2M_TxStart()); // Initiates a connection to the server
in line 67:
Up on the rapid M2Mportal, there is the following report: not enough account ballance… but I have 50€ charged.
I tryed to fix the problem using rapidM2M Toolset to set the device online but without success.
What can I do to fix the problem?

Hello @mklueh,

The reason for the message “Not enough account value …” is that you have already recharged credits, but the device connected to the site has not yet been informed about the recharge.

If you run out of credits all of you devices are informed during their next connection to the server that they are not allowed to establish a connection any more. But don’t worry. Local tasks and recording and storing measurement data are still executed. For Sites assigned to a device which is already informed about the lack of credits a red callsign is display in the list of sites as you can see on your first screen shot.

If you recharge credits a specific SMS is sent to all of your devices to tell them to establish a connection to the server to get new information. Don’t worry if your device is not powered at the time the SMS is sent. The Carriers try to deliver an SMS up to 3 days before they delete it. So if you switch on your device it will get the SMS immediately. If the connection triggered by the SMS don’t work for example you disconnect the power supply of the device during the establishment of the connection currently you have to wait for 3 day until the server sends the specific SMS again.

The reason for the Assertion shown on you second screen shot is that if the device is not allowed to establish a connection to the server (Because you have no credits left) the “rM2M_TxStart()” function returns the error “ERROR_SIM_STATE” (see Device API -> Uplink). If the “catch()” function receives an error it raises an assertion.

Kind regards

Hi Josef,
thanks for explanation.
The board still works again.
Kind regards,