Gnss-microtronics library: Decodes NMEA frames received from an external GNSS receiver

Hello rapidM2M Community,

Microtronics recently released a library for GNSS receivers. You can import the gnss-microtronics library into your own IoT project. Furthermore, you can clone the library and adopt it to your special needs.

The library can be used to handle received GNSS data based on NMEA format received from any external GNSS receiver module that is connected to one of the UART peripheral interfaces. Decoding of frames with Sentence ID “GGA”, “GLL”, “GSA”, “GSV”, “RMC” and “VTG” is supported, providing information about longitude, latitude, speed, course and many other GNSS data tokens. In addition, checksum calculation is implemented as well as predefined structures and debugging functions.

For beginners it offers basic functions. There are only two function calls (GNSS_Init and for example GNSS_GetRMC) necessary to receive the positioning data. Programmers with more experience and experts will enjoy advanced functions like GNSS_NMEADecodeRMC. These functions allow you to decode NMEA frames that are from somewhere else and available as string.

For more Information see GNSS Lib available

Do you have further questions about the GNSS Library? Then do not hesitate to ask them here in forum in this topic?

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Microtronics Engineering