"Looking for DUT" is always loading but nothing happens


My problem is, if I click an Install&Run in the rapidM2M studio the TESTbed opens and it says “Looking for DUT” but it remains in this loading screen for “Looking for DUT”.

A few days ago when I last entered the TESTbed with the same program all went normally.

Can somebody help me out?

Kind regards

Due to some changes in the latest chrome version (87), we encounter some problems with the usb connection. We’re currently investigating with the chrome team to fix this problem.
Current solution is to disable the so called “new usb backend”.
Please copy the following string and open it in your browser and set the flag to disabled.
After disabling you need to restart chrome. After this process you should be able to connect to your devices again.

Copy: chrome://flags#new-usb-backend


Thank you now it is working again.

Kind regards