M22x and m23x UART Pins can be used as GPIO Pins?

first of all you have a create forum here, I found a simelar topic on the question below, but I am not sure if it fits perfectly, so the help of the form is needed.

Can the M22X and the M23X UART pins used as normal GPIO pins? Because 6 GPIO pins are almost too little for our application, especially if we want to expand the range of functions in the future. Or do you have to fall back on I²C GPIO extensions?

Is the M23X also available with BLE?

Thank you for your answer

Hello @Andreas33,

it is not possible to use the pins of the UART, I2C or SPI interface as GPIOs. IRQ pins can be used as additional inputs to the 6 GPIOs. If you need more GPIOs it is recommended to use I/O expander. For example you can use the PCA6416 16-bit I2C-bus I/O expander form NXP (see PCA6416A: Low-voltage translating 16-bit I²C-bus/SMBus I/O expander). For this I/O expander there is already a software library in the rapidM2M Studio that you can easily integrate into your project. The source code of this library is also available so that you can view it and adapt it to your requirements if necessary (see PCA6416 Lib for more details).

Currently there is no rapidM2M M23x module with BLE but you can connect a corresponding BLE module to the interfaces of the rapidM2M M23x module.

Kind regards