Machine Profile Migration to RapidM2M Studio

Is there a way or tool to migrate or import my existing machine profile in my “Application Templates” to the data descriptor on RapidM2M studio??

I have a rather large application which I would prefer not to write from scratch with respect to the data descriptor.

Thanks in Advance.

I don’t think there is any possibility.
If you want to work with the DDE in the studio, your connector listing has to be rewritten to by hand.
I originally had the same problem and had to rewrite the DDE too.
At the time, I had support from MT as part of a training course.

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there is no automatic import feature for old data descriptors.

mostly you just need to transform some attributes like “name” and “alias”.
all other attributes may be cited at the end of the line which defines the respective table or field.

some simple rules for manual conversion per tag:

  • <split> … just remove it

  • <table> … attributes are transformed like that: “#<name> <alias> <direction> title=…”

    • “direction” is mostly “up” (data transmits from the device up to the cloud) or “down” (replaces former optional attributes “download”, “upload” and “edit”)
  • <field> … attributes are transformed like that: “<alias> <type> title=… chmode=…”

    • remove “name=” (but fields must be declared in order “ch1”, “ch2”,…)
    • you can remove decpl=0, too; decpl=<n> can be shortened as “f16.<n>” - e.g. appended to the <type>
    • in certain cases you may remove editmask=… as well

Check your DDE compiler output at file /deploy/dde/dde.xml


That was so helpful!! Thanks for the reply!!

Cheers - Kaushik