Microtronics.one projects: How-To's

We are three people working together remotely on a microtronics.one POC. It would be great if we could use GitHub for versioning and other purposes. Any suggestions?

Dear Balazs,

Yes, you can use a versioning system like GitHub or similar. All you have to do is download your project in the studio. There is an export function for this in the project settings.
There is currently no direct interface between the studio and a versioning system.

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+1 from me for this question.

After asking a similar/workaround question two years ago, a git integration had been held out in prospect.
Is this not on the roadmap anymore?

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Dear Julian,

Unfortunately, the feature you requested is still not available, but integration is on our roadmap.
We cannot currently give a date for the availability of this feature.

Best regards