Mydataconc3-mt: Universal datalogger library for rapidM2M C3xx

Hello rapidM2M Community,

the mydataconc3-mt library is now available in the rapidM2M Studio. This library provides the functionality of the myDataconC3 universal datalogger IoT app.

With just a few simple steps, it is possible to create your own IoT app that bears your own company logo but offers the full range of functions of the myDataconC3. Your own IoT app benefits from the continuous development of the library. New features and bug fixes are also available in your IoT app without much effort.

We are currently working on creating interfaces in this library through which you can extend the standard functionality of the myDataconC3 data logger with your own functions. For example, to control one of the outputs depending on one or more of the input signals. This will make it possible to develop your own IoT apps for specific tasks without having to implement the underlying data logger from scratch each time.

Supported rapidM2M devices:

  • rapidM2M C32x (based on rapidM2M M22x hardware platform)
  • rapidM2M C33x (based on rapidM2M M23x hardware platform)

Kind regards
Microtronics Engineering