Open testbed without recompiling

Hello rapid m2m communitiy,
ist there a possibility to connenct my Hardware (M220, T32x) to the testbed of the studio to see my debuging on consol, but without reconpiling the script? Such as on the old Toolset.
My application stucks sometimes on some state and I want to see the debuging in this case. But if I reconnect the hardware back to usb, the sript will be recompiled an flashed again to to the device, So the application starts again and the state is lost.

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Hello @mklueh,
following procedure should solve your problem

  1. Open the TESTbed without connecting your device via USB

  2. Move the mouse to the field with the different sized dots next to the “Restart” button to open the context menu

  3. Remove the check mark at “Install DLO”

  4. Connect your device to TESTbed via USB and click on “Select DUT & BUT” as if you were installing the Device Logic into the device as normal.
    If you only want to debug the device logic you do not need to specify the login data for the BUT.

Important note: You need to put the check mark “Install DLO” active again if you want to install the Device Logic into a device again later. The TESTbed saves this setting.

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Hi Josef,
thanks for advice. This fixed the problem.
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