Paying for the credit

I want to ask if there are other ways to top up the account other than Paypal? Is credit card / debit card payment possible?
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Hello @se171011,

currently, you need a Paypal account to purchase credits for the RapidM2M Portal. However, if you have logged in to your Paypal account, you can also use your credit card to pay for the credis.

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Hi Josef,

do I get a receipt in PDF form after I have added credit to my account? I ask because I have not received one.
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Hi @se171011,

the PDF receipt is sent to the E-Mail address that was used for payment over PayPal. Maybe this was a different one to your address?

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Hi @se171011,
Registering a PayPal account is the best way to pay for your credits. The system completes the payment only if the First Name and Last Name in “My Details” at the rapidm2m Portal ( is filled in, and they match the details registered on PayPal.

Alternatively, you can buy a voucher from Microtronics by sending an email to and specifying the credit amount you need. Microtronics will send you an invoice and once the funds are received by Microtronics, they email you a voucher, which you can use to apply the credits to your account. This method, however, takes much longer than using PayPal.

About why PayPal is the leading online payment solution see:

Hello @se171011

@Balazs’ statement is not entirely correct. The data registered on PayPal does not have to match those of the rapidM2M portal. When you make a payment via PayPal, the invoice is sent to the email address (which is stored in the rapidM2M portal) of the user who performs the action (i.e. the user who is currently logged in). However, PayPal sends the payment confirmation to the email address stored with PayPal.

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