Problem with Library Import in Navigation Pannel

I am reading my first IoT project tutorial 1. In step 4, I do not find Library Import on the left side of the navigation panel (I only have Settings, DDE, DLO, Deploy), therefore I cannot delete ~uplink.
In Step 6, after I clicked “INSTALL and RUN”, the new browser window appears to be “loading” forever.
Please help, thank you!
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Hi @se171011,

I think you have switched your interface to “Expert view” (see picture below).

To access the input screen for managing the libraries in “Expert” mode first click “Settings” and then “Imports”. The tutorial “My First IoT Project” assumes the use of the rookie view. To switch back to the “Rookie” view first click the “My account & profile” button and then “Make me a Rookie” image

Tip: The shared project “My first IoT project” contains the source code for each stage in a separate file. In “Expert” mode you can access these files.

Regarding your second problem: Which browser do you use? The rapidM2M Studion only works correct with the google chrome browser.

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Hi Josef,
Thank you very much for your fast reply.
Have a nice day!