Putting a EasyV3 to sleep

Hello community,

is it possible to set a EasyV3 in a sleepmode, like a µC?
I didn’t find any answers in the datasheet or API description.


Hello @stegmaf,

The power management is completely done by the firmware. The firmware selects the optimal power save mode automatically.

However depending on the functions you activate via the Device Logic you can indirect influence the power management of the firmware. For example if you activate the “online” connection mode using the “rM2M_TxSetMode()” function (see Device API -> Uplink) the firmware activates the modem and establish and maintain a connection to the rapidM2M Portal. This result in a high energy consumption. To reduce the energy consumption radically you can activate the “interval” connection mode. In this mode the connection is only established after calling up the “rM2M_TxStart()” function. The modem is switched on only for the short time required for the transmission of the Data and is switched off afterwards immediately.

Another advice to reduce power consumption is to close all interfaces which are currently not used. For example use the “UI_Close()” function (see Device API-> myDatalogEASY V3 Universal inputs ) to deactivate the universal input or the “RS232_Close()” function (see Device API -> myDatalogEASY V3 EasyV3 to deactivate the RS232 interface. Note: All interfaces are switched of per default. So you only have to deactivate them if you have explicitly activated them before.

Reducing the sample rate for the measurement value acquisition at the universal inputs using the “UI_SetSampleRate()” function (see Device API -> myDatalogEASY V3 Universal inputs) can also reduce the power consumption.

The use of the three outputs and the mode selected for the isolated switch contact using the “DigOut_Init()” function (see Device API -> myDatalogEASY V3 EasyV3) also influences the power consumption. For example using “DIGOUT_FREQ” (Frequency output) or “DIGOUT_PWM” (PWM output) modes drastically increases the energy consumption.

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