rapidM2M NRF91: New rapidM2M hardware platform available

Hello rapidM2M Community,

The new hardware platform rapidM2M NRF91 is now available in our rapidM2M Studio.
The Device API of hardware platform rapidM2M NRF91 is similar to our proven rapidM2M M2, but comes up with some additional features:

  • Flexible pin assignment
    The rapidM2M NRF91 offers 26 IO pins, most of which can be freely assigned

  • Interruptible pins
    Up to 6 interruptible pins that can be used by the device logic

  • Analog inputs
    Up to 8 analog inputs are available. The readout of an input through the device logic triggers a single ADC conversion for particularly low-power operation.

  • PWM outputs
    Up to 3 PWM instances can be assigned to individual pins with an adjustable frequency and duty cycle.

To use the rapidM2M NRF91 hardware platform in a new rapidM2M Studio project, simply select “NRF91” as the device profile in the project settings.

Kind regards
Microtronics Engineering