Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

I want to ask about the Lithium-ion battery that comes with the Base Starter Kit. After I have recharged it, if I plug it in, the board should work without external energy source (i.e. no USE connection and no plug-in power supply). But with mine, it does not work, if I only plug the battery in, no LED is on. Could it be that the battery is damaged?
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The battery comes with my Starter Kit has 3.7V and 2000mAh, but the plug-in place for battery on the M220 board shows 4.4V, could that be the reason?
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Hello @se171011,

if you only use the rechargeable battery to supply the rapidM2M Base Starter it is normal that the “Power Good LED” and the “Charge Status LED” are off.

The “Power Good LED” only lights up if you use a plug-in power supply or a USB cable to supply the rapidM2M Base Starter.
The “Charge Status LED” indicates the charging state. If you have not connected a plug-in power supply or a USB cable the rechargeable battery cannot be charged and therefore this LED is also off.
LED1, LED2 and LED3 are controlled by the device logic and therefore the state of them depends on the code you created.

For more information regarding the LEDs see Connecting the power supply

The voltage of 3.7V specified on the type plate is the nominal voltage. The output voltage of an lithium-Ion rechargeable battery depends on the charging state and varies between about 3,2 and 4,2. The voltage specified next to the connector for the battery (see green circle in the picture above) is the maximum allowed voltage.

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