SPI connected SD-Card

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As a M22x and platform user, is it possible to read and copy data of a SPI connected SD-Card, while using a u-block chip?
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as long as the SPI interface of the SD-Card is electrical compatible (e.g. logic level for “high” and “low”) to the SPI interface of the rapidM2M M22x it is possible to connect the SD-Card. Detail about the specifications of the SPI interface of the rapidM2M M22x can be found in the rapidM2M M22x 2G/3G EU/3G US Datasheet rev. 06 in chapter “7.2 Electrical characteristics” on page 9 and chapter “7.3.2 SPI” on page 12.

For transferring files from the rapidM2M M22x to Sever and vice versa the so called “File Transfer” functionality can be used. Examples can be found on Github:

If the SD-Card is formatted for example in FAT16 (i.e. it is readable by a PC) you have to implement the File-system driver in the Device Logic. Currently there is no file-system driver for a SD-Card implemented in the firmware.

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