Supply voltage absolute minimum levels

Hi rapidM2M Community!

What are the absolute minimum battery voltage levels where script execution and even GSM communication is still guaranteed? (Base Starter and IoT-Box)


Base Starter (rapidM2M M22x):
If the supply voltage drops below 3.4V, the modem is deactivated and the “UV MODEMLOCKOUT” log entry is entered in the device log. If the device is in “online” mode or is logged in to the GSM network (“Interval & wakeup” mode), the connection is disconnected. If an attempt to establish the connection using the “rM2M_TxStart()” function is made once this threshold is reached the function returns the “ERROR” result. The “rM2M_TxSetMode()” function also returns the “ERROR” result if an attempt to activate “Interval & wakeup” or “online” mode is made. The script is executed as intended once this threshold is reached.

The modem continues to remain inactive until the supply voltage exceeds 3,5V . Only then can a GSM connection be established again and the device resumes normal operation.

IoT-Box (rapidM2M M3):
The rapidM2M M3 behaves in the same way as the rapidM2M M22x, but the two thresholds are a bit higher.
3.5V modem is disabled.
3.6V modem can be used again.

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