T32x accu specifications and SOC

Hello rapid M2M community,

I am in the process of building up a SOC management at the T32.
In addition, I had a few questions about the power supply:

  1. Is there already a complete SOC handling apart from access to the battery voltage?
  2. What kind of battery is installed, LiPo, Li-Ion?
  3. Which discharge voltage is involved here?
  4. At what voltage is the uplink deactivated etc.?

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Hello @mklueh,

A 500mAh LiPo battery is built into the rapidM2M T32x.
Max. Operating Voltage Range: 2.75V to 4.20V.
Discharge Cut Off: 2.75V

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Microtronics Engineering

Hello @mklueh

  • Currently no SOC handling is implemented in the rapidM2M T32x but we are working on it.
  • The uplink is deactivated at 3.3V and reactivated at 3.4V. (i.e. a hysteresis of 0.1V is used)

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Microtronics Engineering