Transfer data to rapidM2M portal


I want to transfer the data of 4 variables to the rapidM2M portal.
But when i go to the TestBed and insert the #histdata0 in the watches list i get an error.
This is the error:

This is my code:
INTERVAL_RECORD = 60, // Intervall der Aufzeichnung (en)
INTERVAL_TX = 10 * 60, // Intervall der Übertragung [s]

static iTxTimer;

#callback Timer1s()
static iLastRecord;

if ( momentElapsed(iLastRecord, INTERVAL_RECORD) )
  #log("Create Record");
  RecordData(iLastRecord);            // Calls up the function to record the data

iTxTimer--;                             // Counter counting down the sec. to the next transmission
if(iTxTimer <= 0)                       // When the counter has expired ->
#log("Start Transmission");
catch( rM2M_TxStart());               // Initiates a connection to the server
iTxTimer = INTERVAL_TX;               // Resets counter var. to defined transmission interval [sec.]

#log("iTxTimer=%d", iTxTimer);



iTxTimer  = INTERVAL_TX;                // Sets counter variable to defined transmission interval

catch( rM2M_TxStart());


RecordData (iTimestamp)
new humidity1=60;
new humidity2=50;
new temp1=23;
new temp2=26;

new aRecData[DDE_measurements];

aRecData.temp1  = temp1;
aRecData.temp2  = temp2;
aRecData.humidity1  = humidity1;
aRecData.humidity2  = humidity2;

DDE_measurements_write(iTimestamp, aRecData);

#log("humidity1= %d, humidity2= %d, temp1= %d, temp2= %d",humidity1, humidity2, temp1, temp2);


Can somebody help me out?


Hello @lf

  • Is your device assigned to a site?
  • Have you provided the correct credentials for a user who is allowed to access the site?
  • Did you create a development site?

How the TESTbed is correctly linked to the rapidM2M portal is described in Stage 4 of the tutorial “My first IoT project” in steps 24-26.

Note: The input windows have been modified slightly compared to the tutorial, but the process is still the same

Kind regards

Hello @Josef

The device is assigned to a site but it writes “NO DATA”.

Kind regards

Hello @lf,

The red exclamation point means that your device has not yet been informed that there is enough credit back on your account. Connect the antenna to your device, make sure the device is powered and wait until the device has received the reactivation SMS.

More information on deactivation/activation depending on your credit can be found at:

Kind regards

Hello @Josef,

Thank you the device is now working again.

Kind regards