Updating Fwr Ctr


We received a new Hardware with a different Fwr Ctr. Our previous EasyIot devices have the following hardware and firmware requirements.
FW Ctrl.: 99v018
HW Ver.: 1.1

The new Devices we have received have the following default versions
FW Ctrl.: 01v015
HW Ver.: 1.1

Is it possible to change the FW Ctrl from the portal?

Hello @Feelit,

You can configure the firmware update behaviour for each device.
With the following steps you should be able to change the behaviour and make a firmware upgrade:

  1. Navigate to the device specific configuration


  1. Check the current firmware version of your device


  1. Select the “Firmware Type” that you want to install


  1. Select the “Firmware update” behaviour


For an explanation of the different fields, you can check the manual of your device. For example, in the “rapidM2M C33x User Manual (Revision 2)” the following explanation of the fields “Firmware Type” and “Firmware Update” can be found:


  1. Depending on the behaviour that is selected, the firmware update will be installed with the next connection of the device, or you have to manually trigger the installation with the following button in the site list


  1. After the firmware update and next connection of the device to the server, the new firmware version will be installed and should then be present in the device specific configuration

Kind regards