Uplink.5 import error

if I use to import the uplink.5 lib, I get the the shown error:

Has someone an idea how to fix the issue?

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Hello @mklueh,

Is this an already existing project or a new project, where you encountered this issue ?

I could reproduce the issue with a new project, if the main.dde file is empty and the uplink library is included afterwards.
Adding a config to the main.dde file fixed the issue for me.


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Hi Stefan,
it was an existing project and the main.dde contained a config. I don’t know why, but now the problem no longer exists.

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This is a bug in the compiler dependencies chain and appears due to missing recompilation of file dde/main.dde after adding the uplink library.

Workarounds are:
a) do a pseudo-edit in the dde/main.dde file, or
b) close/re-open the project

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