~uplink: Automatic switching between M1 and NB-IoT transmission technology

Hello rapidM2M Community,

for devices that support the NB-IoT transmission technology (recognizable by the “M1/NB1” in the type designation, e.g. rapidM2M C32x M1/NB1 EU),* *the ~uplink library now includes an automatic switching mechanism between the standard Cat.M1 and the alternative NB-IoT transmission technology. If the connection is triggered by the application, the following actions are performed by the ~uplink library:

If the connection fails , the library switches the transmission technology and tries again to establish the connection. If this attempt also fails, the library switches back to the original transmission technology and tries to establish the connection one more time (I.e. a total of 3 attempts are made to establish a connection.). If this 2nd retry also fails, the library waits until the connection is triggered again by the application.

If one of the 3 attempts to establish a connection works, the set transmission technology is retained and used the next time the connection is triggered by the application.

Kind regards
Microtronics Engineering