Using DDE_alerts_overflow


I’m stuck trying to compile my DLO when using DDE_alerts_overflow().

I’m trying to add an alert to the Base Starter Demo App. I want to send an alarm if the humidity alerting threshold is reached. I added #alerts in my main.dde.

I’ cant figure out how to call

DDE_alerts_overflow( hipri, cid, field, fValue, fThreshold)

Currently I have
DDE_alerts_overflow( false, DDE_measurements_id, DDE_measurements_idx , iHumidity, iHumidity_Alert);

but that won’t compile.

I’m especially unsure about the parameters cid and field. How must they be passed to the function? Could you please provide an example, because the tutorial and the API docu are out of sync.



Hello @stefan.winkler,

examples for using the “DDE_alerts_overflow()” function can be found in the “M2 Base Starter Basic Examples Collection” (see pictures below) or on Github (see 61_Alarm/ and 61_Alarm/

“cid” is the id of #histdata container which is used for storing your measurement data. The definition which should be used is automatically generated and can be found in the “” file. The schema used to create the definition is as follows: DDE_<name of the #histdata container specified in the “main.dde” file>_id

“field” is the index of the measurement value within the used #histdata container i.e. the order in which the measurement values specified in the “main.dde” file are specified. Currently der is no automatic generated definition.

Kind regards