Using GPIOs for analog signals?


I have a technical question:

On the rapidM2M Base Starter Kit there are 6 GPIOs that are led to the outside. Can I configure them freely?

  • I would like to use one as an input for an analog signal (operating time)
  • The second also as an analog input for the level sensor (optional)
  • 1 x output for the relay.

Kind regards

Hello @workshop1,

For the GPIOs, you can basically freely choose whether they should be used as an input or an output.

However, they do not support measuring analog values. A GPIO can only capture digital values (i.e. 0 or 1).

If analog values are to be measured (voltage/current), then an ADC (Analog/Digital - Converter) must be used. These are usually connected to the I2C or SPI interface of the rapidM2M device.

In the rapidM2M Studio you can already find various libraries for connecting ADCs to rapidM2M devices. Libraries are available for:

  • AD7195
  • AD7792

The list of libraries is constantly being expanded.

Kind regards